Russian Registry of Carbon Units

Russian Registry of Carbon Units is a standardized electronic database for accurate issuance, holding, transfer, acquisition, cancellation and retirement of Assigned amount units (AAUs), Certified emission reductions (CERs), Emission reduction units (ERUs) and Removal units (RMUs), as well as carry-over of ERUs, CERs and AAUs.

The Russian Registry consists of hardware and software system and an informational resource that includes a public website of the Registry in the Internet and an electronic database.

The purpose of the Registry establishment and maintenance is to carry out the Kyoto Protocol to the UNFCCC, Article 7, paragraph 4; the Federal Statute of the Russian Federation of November, 4th, 2004 N 128-FS on the Kyoto Protocol to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change ratification; the Governmental Decree of the Russian Federation of February, 20-th, 2006 215-r on the Russian Registry of Carbon Units creation; the Integrated Action Plan for the Kyoto Protocol Implementation in the Russian Federation.

Functions of the Russian registry of carbon units

To ensure the accurate units accounting: issuance, allocation, transfer, receiving, cancellation and retirement

To ensure the exchange of data between national registries.

To cooperate with other national registries through the central communication hub of the International Transaction Log (ITL).

To ensure permanent public access to the information through the Internet:

  • Accounts information (holders, contact information);
  • Total units amount;
  • Current holdings in each account;
  • JI Projects information (Project name, Project location, years of ERU issuance, information on AAUs reserve for each project), etc.


Commitment Period

Assigned amount

  16 617 095 319

Commitment Period Reserve

  11 485 758 990


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